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Bay of Piran
From the Blue to the Green

May 21, 2021, 41 pictures

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Forma Viva Open Air Stone Sculpture Collection, Portorož


49439. A limestone bed: Adriatic Dream by Emir Krajišnik, 2001, probably the best work on display.



49440. Bay of Piran, seen from the top of the cliff at the end of Forma Viva exhibition grounds



Bracera old boatyard, Seča


49446. View of the boatyard from the access road



49445. Boris, head and soul of the establishment, gathered a collection of memorabilia, related to the sea and our common past.



49442. Old times and new times - a wooden frame of a fishing boat being restored and a "sandolin" - lightweight single paddle fiberglass dinghy



49443. Wooden boat ribs and framework up close



49441. View of Bracera from the end of a wooden pier



Seča, wind-driven sport at sea


49447. Eight sailing boats, heading west, are approaching a turning buoy (yellow), with a windfoiler in front.



49448. A kitefoiler (left) and the windfoiler, both gliding on an underwater foil (right) ...



49449. ... and here is the kitefoiler gliding.



49450. A windfoiler and a kitefoiler, well-aligned



49451. A wingfoiler (left) and a windfoiler (right) ...



49452. ... here they changed places.



49455. A kitefoiler ...



49454. ... and his kite



49457. A wingfoiler is attempting to catch the wind ...



49458. ... and here he is on his way.



49459. Six sailing boats returning, to the east.



A new villa in Lucan


49464. Spiral pattern in the driveway, made of granite stones, white and pink pebbles



49465. An old olive tree in the corner of the garden



49467. The house is nearing completion.



Another new house, to the west


49468. View of the building's main, south-southeast side, looking to the bay



A terraced plot of land above the marina, mostly reclaimed by nature


49496. A bumpy gravel track gave way to a gentle paved road.



49470. The toolbox at the plot entrance



49476. View of the plot entrance from the eastern part of the upper terrace



49473. View down the old trail to the sea, at the eastern border of the plot



49471. A grove of vines in the middle of the previous photo



49472. View across the upper east terrace to the west, to the olive grove



49478. West side of the upper terrace, bramble in full splendor



49480. The olive grove



49490. Blue periwinkle, Vinca major, blossoms were ...



49489. ... spread all over ...



49479. ... the trail downhill, which cuts the upper terrace in half.



49484. At the other water reservoir on the second west terrace (from the top) ...



49485. ... the trail further down, to the third terrace, would require a substantial cleanup to make it passable.



49487. The second west terrace is also well overgrown.



49482. View from the olive grove across the western part of the second terrace, the fig trees and cane closed the view to the bay.



49483. Daffodil garlic, Allium neapolitanum, blossom



49491. The largest fig tree is to the east of the trail.



49493. An elderly man is cultivating his field above the plot.



49494. View of the Marina Portorož from the top of the plot



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