Primož Jakopin
Hudojnazar Mustafokulovič Zokirov
son of Mustafo of Boybuloq


Hudojnazar in front of his summer home, 2021

          This is a translation of a conversation, held in Russian, in the home of Hudojnazar Mustafokulovič, whom the author visited accompanied by Holidin Kudratuloevič. Holidin also helped clariying the matter during the conversation. Hudojnazar is the younger of the two surviving children of Mustafo Zokirovič Holmominov, the first explorer of the Boybuloq cave, and the only one who lives in Dehibolo.
          For greater accuracy Cyrillic names were transliterated to the Latin alphabet using the Scientific transliteration of Cyrillic.
Who is Hudojnazar Mustafokulovič?
          I was born on May 4, 1962 in Dehibolo to father Mustafo Zokirovič Holmominov, born 1917 and to mother Saida, born 1927. I live in Dehibolo.
How many brothers and sisters did you have?
          It was a large family, my parents had twelve chidren, six sons and six daughters. But times were very tough and two of them, a son and a daughter, died very young and so little is known about them. I will tell what I know of my remaining siblings. The eldest, a son, was Šonkul, who died 5 years old. He was followed by a daughter, Nadiča, who died at 17, and a daughter Fotima, born 1953. The fourth was a son, Hudojberdy, born in 1957, who is the only child, still alive, except me. He lives in a village in Oltinsoy district, about 60 km from here. After him came a daughter, Saida, born in 1959. I was the sixth, born in 1962. Son Hudojor was born in 1964, daughter Hanifa in 1966, son Hajrullo in 1968 and daughter Azizmo in 1971.
And how big is your family?
          With my wife Bibisora Alërovna Žuraiva we have six children, son Abdumutalib, a daughter Marzija, son Abdullo, son Abdulboris, son Abdulvohid and daughter Mahdija. Abdulvohid and Mahdija are still staying with us here.

Mahdija, Bibisora, Hudojnazar and Abdulvohid on the trail above the orchard

Is this your summer home?
          Yes, I inherited it from my father. We rebuilt it a little but is still pretty much the same as it was. Our home is in Dehibolo, close to the school, you can go and have a look at it.

Hudojnazar in front of his summer home

What can you say about how your father disappeared in the Boybuloq cave?
          In April 1971 my father took my brother Hudojberdy and they departed to the cave on two donkeys. My father wanted to pray in the cave, for the year to be good, with enough rain. As the two did not return to the village, the next day a pupil from the school, Buri, went to the cave to search for them. He only found Hudojberdy, who did not want to return, he said he will wait till the father comes back from the cave. So Buri returned to Dehibolo the same day and told what he learned. The next day many people went to the cave (it is a four hour trek) and found Hudojberdy still at the cave entrance. They asked him where the father is and when Hudojberdy answered that he went into the cave they did not believe him. Hudojberdy wanted to continue waiting for his father but people dragged him back to Dehibolo by force.

What else could you tell about your father?

          He was a very capable man, with his skills he was able to help many. Mustafo was not only a farmer, he could also heal people.


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