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           Around 1980 the advent of microcomputers vastly changed the computing scene, first in the US, followed by Europe. The time when the (rare and expensive) computers were only the tool of professionals was coming to an end. Old dreams of all these people, to have a true computer on your desk, not just a terminal of a large mainframe computer operating in multi-tasking mode, was gone. Primož Jakopin saw the opportunity and started developing tools that could be used by non-professional users, mostly from the humanistic sector, and a text editor, not furnished with the first widely available consumer-style machines, was the program he began with. Such affordable computers were primarily intended for playing games, but with suitable software they could be used for quite serious tasks, previously only possible on large-scale computers.
           To the simple text editor, aimed at writing and correcting text, he gradually added data base capabilities, using his skills acquired during the construction of mainframe bibliographic data bases which he made in the 1970s, augmented with data entry.

INES reference manual (in Slovenian), 1985 and STEVE reference manual (English), 1989

           The above pictures are the front pages of reference manuals for INES (INformation Editing System, Sinclair ZX Spectrum microcomputer) and STEVE (ST EVent Editor, ATARI ST microcomputer). A click on each picture shows the relevant manual in full.
           INES and EVA were followed by Eva, an expanded version of STeve, written for the IBM PC-class microcomputers, operating under DOS (Eva for DOS), Microsoft Windows (Eva) and Microsoft Windows Server editions (Neva). While Eva is a single-user program, Neva is a search engine which handles data query requests, written by the user over an Internet browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. An example is the Nova beseda corpus of texts in Slovenian at the Fran Ramovš Institute of Slovenian language ZRC SAZU, at the address: Try typing the word jamarski into the search box and click on Submit to see the results.
           More about Eva is under construction.


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