He is coming from a literary and linguistic family but though Primož is undeniably a person who lacks drawing talent, his great passion is the other side of fine arts. He became interested in computer programming because he found good use of it while constructing lace patterns from trigonometric and especially cyclometric functions around 1970. Certainly it was not real art, but, sort of, computer generated images. Computer he was using, an IBM 1130, did not have a screen so he could only see the pictures his programs produced when printed on endless paper of a line printer, as patterns of mainly asterisks. This work helped him land his first job in the Computing Center of the Institute for Mathematics, Physics and Mechanics, also in 1970.
           Later, also early in the seventies, he generated random images from short lines, inspired by works of Piet Mondriaan. He also admired the works of Georges Seurat.
           After the millenial change and increasing color and computational capabilities of personal computers he spent some time exploring the fractal compositions and, in 2013 with the advent of HTML 5 and its canvas tool, started to experiment with program generated images again.
           From 2015 to 2017 he also delved into vector graphics.

Some works:

Blue Train. Fractal composition, 2003.


Mellow Yellow. Fractal composition, 2003.


Circles. Random program generated image, 2013 & 2015.


N'Toko Le Toubab. Color Composition, 2015.


Cave Ghost in Galacijevka Cave. Color Composition, 2016 - 2017.


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